Our main building on our school site is very modern and spacious. It has two dedicated classrooms, each room has doors which can be opened to provide a double classroom space for special events and programs. Adjacent to these classrooms is a large learning space which allows for small group work and additional teaching and learning space. 

Each classroom is equipped with a screen which provides access to web-based program and is a means for teachers and students to present information. Each class has access to a class set of both iPads and laptop computers, which are used to support our students' learning.    



Our original school building is a beautiful brick building with a heritage listing. It is used to house our library, music and arts resources and as learning spaces for these activities.



Our spacious yard includes large expanses of grass, including a football oval.  There is an asphalt court and undercover areas. There is a community stadium on site which is equipped with a large range of sports equipment that our students can utilise for Physical Education sessions and for general play.  The school’s undercover playground and sandpit are very popular with our younger students and a great place for them to play.


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