How to be Involved

At Raywood Primary School we welcome not only school age children but also their family. There are lots of opportunities for families to be involved in our school; this can be on a regular or casual basis.




Classroom Assistance


We are always happy for parents and other community members to work alongside our students in the classroom. This can range from hearing students read, to helping with the writing and mathematics program. Often our parents have special talents and interests which can also enhance our classroom and school programs.

Families can also assist with fundraising events such as the Bunnings BBQ’s and raffles.



School Council


School Council is comprised of parent and staff members. Each February nominations are called for new members. Meetings are held twice per term of an evening. School Council is responsible for overseeing the budget of the school, future direction and planning, buildings and grounds maintenance and school promotion. Most meetings are open to the public, so you do not have to be a member to come along.



Working Bees


We love it when our school community can come together to work on a project or to contribute to keeping our school grounds safe and tidy. From time to time we may ask for volunteers to come along and help us out on a given date. But if you have any ideas or expertise and wanted to volunteer to help improve our school we are most willing to have you here.


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