Raywood Primary School uses the Victorian Mathematics Curriculum to plan and teach Maths units and lessons and assess student progress. Teaching is differentiated to suit student learning needs. Our priority is to develop numerate life-long learners who love Maths. The Mathematics curriculum aims to ensure that students develop useful mathematical and numeracy skills for everyday life, work and as active and critical citizens in a technological world and see connections and apply mathematical concepts, skills and processes to pose and solve problems in mathematics and in other disciplines and contexts. The Mathematics curriculum sets out what students are expected to learn and is designed as a continuum of learning. It is presented in scope and sequence charts to easily see the progression and assist in planning and teaching learning programs to meet the diverse needs of students. The curriculum is organised by the three strands of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability. Each strand is broken into sub-­strands.  The proficiencies of Understanding, Fluency, Problem Solving and Reasoning are fundamental to learning mathematics and working mathematically and are applied across all three strands.




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